By leaving a gift in your Will, you’ll ensure your legacy can contribute to a solution to the climate crisis, creating an environment that nurtures butterflies and moths for future generations to enjoy.

Make a difference for future generations and ensure the values that are important to you live on by choosing to care for butterflies and moths and the wonderful nature which is vital to all of us.

It is important for everyone to have a Will, no matter how small or great an amount you have to leave. Yet many UK adults have not made these arrangements, perhaps because it seems complicated, expensive or time consuming. But it does not need to be.

BC have teamed up with three Will writing providers to help make writing or updating a Will as easy as possible for our supporters. This ensures no life story goes unwritten, every lifetime is valued, and the transformative potential of legacy giving is fully realised.

This March, Butterfly Conservation are offering free and discounted Will writing services to make it easier for people to support the butterflies and moths they value and to ensure everyone, whatever their circumstances, has the chance to shape the future for the next generation to enjoy.

Butterfly Conservation supporters can get a simple Will written or make updates to an existing Will using the services of the Free Wills Network, Octopus Legacy, or the Good Will Partnership. You can also opt to pay for additional work involved in the preparation of your Will if required. 

Choose from:

National Free Wills Network

National Free Wills Network

To arrange an appointment please contact Alison Adams @email  

Octopus legacy logo

Octopus Legacy

Visit their website here and use the code BUTTERFLY-FREE for your Free Will. Alternatively, you can arrange a telephone or face-to-face service for those who prefer to speak to a solicitor. To find out more and book an appointment call 0800 773 4014.

The Goodwill Partnership

The Goodwill Partnership

To arrange an appointment, go to or call 0844 669 6148 and quote Butterfly Conservation for your discount.

Download a copy of our Will writing guide

You are not obliged to include a gift to Butterfly Conservation when using the free or discounted Will writing services, but if you do it costs you nothing now but makes a fantastic difference in the future helping to create a landscape where butterflies and moths thrive for future generations to enjoy.