Keeping the kids entertained for two weeks during the school holidays can require a lot of thought so we’re here to help! Check out our fun and simple activities to fill the hours with adventure, exploration, and entertainment.

See who’s flying

Spring has arrived and with it, the first of this year’s butterflies. Head outside to your Wild Space or local green area during sunny spells and see which butterflies you can spot. You can also use our spotter sheets to tick off what you see. Species to look out for during the Easter holidays:



This sulphurous yellow butterfly has wings that look like leaves – spot them flitting around hedgerows.


Orange-tip (male/underwing) - Iain H Leach

A white butterfly with bright orange tips in the males and black wingtips in the females. They like damp areas like banks of streams and rivers but can also be spotted in gardens.

Red Admiral

Red Admiral butterfly

This large black and red butterfly is a speedy flier that loves gardens – check out patches of nettles, where they lay their eggs.


Peacock Butterfly

A large, orangey-red butterfly with distinctive spots on its wings that look like eyes – this common butterfly can be found across lots of different types of habitats, including gardens.


Comma at Twyford (Martin Kew) 040723

Although bright orange on top, this beautiful butterfly can be tricky to spot with its wings closed as the colours on the back of its wings help it blend in amongst dead leaves.

Spotted something but not quite sure what it is? Head over to our identification pages to find it.

Let your fingers go green
Caterpillar Cafe

Now is a great time to get outside and start creating a Wild Space to help butterflies and moths to thrive. Use our scorecard to see how butterfly and moth-friendly your outdoor space is and then get wilding!

Whether that’s planting up your garden with nectar-rich plants for butterflies and moths to feast, adding log piles to a community space, leaving a nettle patch to grow at the edge of an allotment, or adding pots of caterpillar-friendly herbs to your balcony – give the kids an excuse to get a bit messy and help wildlife at the same time.

For more inspiration on how you can wild your space over the Easter holidays, visit Let's Create Wild Spaces - Wild Spaces (

Stay local
Young child colouring in a butterfly sheet with other children stood by a Butterfly Conservation stand in the background

Did you know that Butterfly Conservation has 31 local branches in the UK? Get in touch with your nearest branch to see what’s happening in your area or to ask about how you can get involved with supporting conservation work locally.

In your area | Butterfly Conservation (

Hunt for eggs
Dingy Skipper (egg) - Peter Eeles

If the weather isn’t on your side over the Easter holidays, try some of our wild-inspired rainy-day activities. Simply download, print, and play! 

You can do an alternative Easter egg hunt with our butterfly eggs Pairs game, create your own set of Top Moths cards, or learn all about caterpillar adaptations and design your own clever caterpillar.

Add some colour
Kids colouring in

Grab your felt tips and brighten up your holidays with some colouring in. We’ve got lots of templates to choose from which you can print at home.

We even have something for the adults with our mindful butterfly mandala, designed by artist Hana Ayoob. Mindful colouring can help bring your awareness to the current moment, leaving you less stressed and more relaxed – which might be more than welcome during the school holidays…

Need more Easter holidays inspiration? Visit our Discover and Learn area on our website Discover and Learn | Butterfly Conservation (