Help us to save one of South East England’s key habitats for the Small Pearl-bordered, and the Pearl-bordered Fritillary.

Going live on 27 August, please donate to our appeal to help us restore Rowland Wood.

Rowland wood is one of the last refuges remaining in Southern England where you can see the Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary and the Pearl-bordered Fritillary in their natural habitat.

We need to raise £12,000 in funding to continue vital habitat restoration work and we urgently need your help...

Changes in forestry practices and habitat loss have caused huge declines in their populations, with the Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary declining 66% and Pearl-bordered Fritillary 64% since the 1970s in the UK*.

But it doesn't have to be this way. Since purchasing Rowland wood as a Butterfly Conservation nature reserve in 2010 we have been working tirelessly to reverse decades of damage to this crucial habitat. Without this ongoing action, we risk losing one of the last remaining colonies of Small Pearl-bordered and Pearl-bordered Fritillary in the South East.

Please visit our campaign page below for more information about this irreplaceable habitat and to help secure the future of these Fritillaries in the South East

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The butterflies have responded well to our conservation action, including successful reintroductions of both species, but this work MUST continue so that their future does not hang in the balance again.

Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary

* The State of the UK's Butterflies 2022 Report – Butterfly Conservation