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Since the Hibernating Herald project began in December 2016 people from across Scotland have been visiting dark places in the depth of winter to seek out overwintering moths. 

Last winter the Hibernating Herald survey received records from 244 dark sites across Scotland. A total of 126 Tissues and 4190 Heralds were counted. Heralds seem to have had a good year with numbers in the majority of sites up on the previous winter.  A brief report of the survey's findings to date can be downloaded here: 

ESBC Hibernating Heralds


The Hibernating Herald project is still interested in receiving records, particularly from areas that haven’t been well-covered.

ESBC Herald12

It would be fantastic to find some new Tissue locations too. Mid-August to mid-September seems the best time to find this species, so not long to wait now! Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the survey so far

Katty Baird & Mark Cubitt