Are you ready to get wild at the general election? There are so many ways you can influence the next government’s commitment to butterflies, moths and the environment by using our manifesto.

The Manifesto for Butterflies, Moths and the Environment is led by decades of research by our expert staff and passionate nature lovers across the country. It speaks up for our butterflies and moths who don’t have a voice and enables politicians to make the right choice for nature. But we need your help to make sure it doesn’t get ignored.

Let our manifesto inspire you to ask questions which impact the species and landscapes where you live. By understanding what we’re asking for, it makes it easier to talk to your friends, family and colleagues about these important issues local to you.

What questions should I ask political party representatives? 

Talking with local party representatives directly is a great place to start asking about the issues that you think are most important to you.

It can be a bit overwhelming trying to think of things to say when a parliamentary candidate   appears on your doorstep, so here are some questions which could unlock better protections for the species and landscapes you care about.

  • Will your party invest more money in protecting our most at-risk species and landscapes for future generations?
  • Nature is good for our wellbeing. How do you plan on improving access to nature for all, so that everyone can be 15 minutes’ walk from a green space?
  • Pollinator killing neonicotinoids which are banned in the EU have been approved for use for the 4th year in a row - will you ban these butterfly-killing pesticides?
  • Light pollution is affecting our night-time pollinators, do you support setting legally binding targets for its reduction so we can see our night skies again?

You can find out who your MP is  and who your parliamentary candidates are, along with their contact details by searching your postcode on this website.

Here are ways you can take action for nature this General Election:

Talk to your MP about nature online

Write a letter on behalf of butterflies and moths

Take action at Restore Nature Now protest

Are you standing up for butterflies, moths and the environment at the next election?

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