Large and Medium Fritillaries

This photographic guide helps to identify the Large and Medium Fritillaries (Argynnis, Brenthis, Issoria) and separate them from the Small Fritillaries (Boloria, Euphydryas and Melitaea)

The following species are described in detail: Cardinal [Argynnis pandora], Silver-washed Fritillary [Argynnis paphia], Dark Green Fritillary [Argynnis aglaja], High Brown Fritillary [Argynnis adippe], Niobe Fritillary [Argynnis niobe], Queen of Spain Fritillary [Issoria lathonia], Marbled Fritillary [Brenthis daphne], Lesser Marbled Fritillary [Brenthis ino], Twin-spot Fritillary [Brenthis hecate], Corsican Fritillary [Argynnis elisa], Pallas’s Fritillary [Argynnis laodice]   

The guide is available to download as a free PDF from the European Butterflies Group website.