There is plenty you can do to bring wildlife into your life this year. Here are our top five suggestions for 2022:

Transform your garden

Whatever the size of your outdoor space – from window boxes to walled gardens – there is something you can do attract butterflies and moths and provide them with a pit stop to feed or shelter. Throughout winter we’ve been asking you to Do Nothing For Nature and leave the garden untidy to provide insects with a safe haven from cold weather and predators.

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Become a citizen scientist

Recording your sightings of butterflies can help us to understand more about the health of our environment and how climate change and habitat loss is affecting individual species. This knowledge is vital to putting in place measures to protect butterflies and moths for future generations.

You can take part in our Big Butterfly Count, which will be held from 15th July until 7th August 2022. You can also record your sightings year-round. More information on how to do this can be found here.

Be a butterfly buff!

Learn to identify the species of butterflies you see. There are many books available to help, our iRecord app includes lots of information to aid identification and we also have an online guide with images and information for the UK’s species of butterflies here.

Already excellent on your butterfly ID skills? Then how about becoming a moth mastermind? With over 2,500 species living in Britain across a wide range of habitats, there are plenty to learn about. Our A-Z of moths is a good place to start.

Visit a butterfly reserve

Butterfly Conservation has over 30 Nature Reserves, all of which are havens for butterflies, moths and other wildlife and are open to visitors. Find your nearest one here.

Join us

Butterflies and moths are among the most threatened groups of wildlife in the UK, and without your support we cannot continue our vital work to protect them. Joining us not only helps protect butterflies and moth for future generations, but also provides you with a wealth of information to help you enjoy spotting these iconic creatures.

For more information on the benefits of becoming a member of Butterfly Conservation, visit: