Happy New Year! It’s January again, and the temperature is cold with somewhat less to do. So why not set yourself some New Year’s resolutions and help our struggling butterflies and moths at the same time.

Resolution number one: Aim to Do Nothing for Nature

Look around your garden or local green space at this time of year and it all looks very quiet and still doesn’t it? Actually, these places are as busy as ever but all the activity is hidden from our sight. Look closer and you will see Poplar Hawk-moth caterpillars under Aspen tree leaves, butterfly and moth eggs tucked away on branches, and chrysalis’ of various species arched on the edges of stems or hidden under crunchy leaves. The New Year is still teaming with wildlife, we just don’t see their hidden homes!

Unfortunately, by not seeing or noticing this hidden world we often (inadvertently) damage it by getting busy in the garden at this quiet time. So, this winter, consider helping nature by doing absolutely nothing in your garden.

By leaving nature alone and not sweeping up leaves or strimming our hedges we make sure that the next cycle of butterflies and moths (amongst many other creatures) can survive. So we ask that, instead of sweeping leaves or burning them that you leave them be and let these creatures rest and regenerate over winter. If we want to make sure we are treated to sightings of brightly-coloured Brimstones come Spring, we need to make sure that we #DoNothingForNature.

For more information on how to Do Nothing this winter please click here

Resolution number two - Create a Wild Space

Wild Spaces

Since 1945 the UK has lost 98% of its meadows. This habitat loss along with climate change means that our butterflies and moths are in severe decline.

But... it doesn’t have to be this way. Our precious butterflies and moths don’t have to disappear and you can help solve these awful declines by creating your very own Wild Space for nature. We aim to transform the UK into a butterfly and moth-friendly haven and here is how you can help us to do that.

Click here to create a Wild Space and start your 2023 off as you mean to go on – by doing your bit to save our butterflies and moths!

Resolution number three – Aim to take part in the Big Butterfly Count this year

Butterfly Conservation's Big Butterfly Count logo

The Big Butterfly Count is the biggest citizen science survey of its kind in the world. Each summer, we invite anyone and everyone to take part in spotting common butterflies (and some day-flying moths) which provides our scientists with vital data that they use to help build a picture of how species are doing in the UK.

By having the survey year-on-year at the same time, we’re able to gain insights into how certain species are faring in all four countries of the UK. It’s also a lovely, relaxing and special activity to do with family and friends. You get out in summer and count butterflies – what could be nicer than that? And by doing this you are helping to save them. Bonus!

You can aim to get involved this year and put the dates of the campaign in your calendar now (14th July-6th August 2023).

Resolution number four- Fundraise for Butterfly Conservation

Had your eye on your local half-marathon but not bitten the bullet just yet? This could be your year!

Whatever you’d like to do, we rely on generous fundraisers like you to help support the work we do in saving butterflies and moths.

This could be:

  • Taking on an active challenge from runs to sky-dives
  • Birthday donations from family and friends on your behalf
  • Getting crafty with bake sales or selling knitted butterflies
  • Open your garden: show off your Wild Space!

Learn more about how we can support you in your fundraising journey here.