What better way to enjoy being outdoors this Spring than in your garden?  Dobbies share the benefits of being outside in their latest Nurture for Nature blog

We’ve got some top tips for ways in which you can use your garden to boost your mental and physical health from our Horticultural Director, Marcus Eyles. 

Take time to enjoy gardening

We all deserve some ‘me-time’, and what better way to enjoy this than in the garden? From sitting with a cup of tea observing the variety of wildlife that call your garden home, to weeding, tidying up and even planting something new – gardening plays a vital role in improving our mental health and general wellbeing. Just a short amount of time spent in nature watching your surroundings can alleviate stress and help you to feel happier and more energised. 

Not only is gardening good for mindfulness, but it is also a great form of exercise - just 30 minutes each day can help prevent and control high blood pressure. If you don’t consider yourself a runner, gardening is an easy way to keep fit – and you’ll certainly feel the effects!

Did you know we support Stroke Association? We’re encouraging stroke survivors to rebuild their lives through gardening, providing a gentle form of exercise which can help with long-term recovery. We’ve got a selection of expert ‘how to’ videos on the charity's My Stroke Guide and also on our website: https://www.dobbies.com/ideas-advice 

Getting out in the sun is also a great source of vitamin D, so make the most of it and don’t forget to put your suncream on! 

Eating homegrown fruit and vegetables

It’s no secret that homegrown is exceptionally tasty, good for you and an extremely rewarding process from start to finish. 

An increased diet of fruit and vegetables comes with plenty of benefits and is a brilliant way to try new recipes in the kitchen. Homegrown produce is also great for the planet too, reducing plastic waste from store-bought items. 

We’d encourage all gardeners to give a veggie patch a go! Here are some products that can be found at your local Dobbies which can help you get started:

•    Runner Bean plants
•    Tomato plants
•    Squash plants and seeds
•    Beetroot plants and seeds 

If you don’t have a garden, herbs are versatile, easy to grow and can be potted and placed on your windowsill – a fantastic way to introduce flavour to everyday cooking. 

Herbs have powerful health benefits: Sage can improve brain function and memory; Peppermint relieves IBS pain and may reduce nausea; Rosemary can help prevent allergies and nasal congestion; Parsley contains anti-inflammatory properties; and Thyme is enriched with manganese, and vitamins A and C.

Top herb recommendations available from your local Dobbies:

•    Mint 9cm pot
•    Sage 9cm pot
•    Parsley seeds
•    Thyme seeds

There are further ranges available in the 70 Dobbies stores across the UK.
For a store locator, visit dobbies.com
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