Discover some of the most common moths in your garden this April with the help of our senior moth conservationist, Tony Davis.

Many people have started recording moths in their gardens for the first time since the lockdown was introduced. The number of species that can be seen may be intimidating at first so we have produced this guide to the commonest species that can be found at the moment. You will catch species that are not featured but the guide covers the 15 commonest species recorded in mid-April in all regions of the UK. Not all species will be common in all areas so do check the information in your field guide or local moth group web site to see if your identification is likely. 
Butterfly Conservation and the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology have developed an app which provides information on the commonest species flying in your area. See What's Flying Tonight for details.
Please keep a record of what you find and submit your records to your County Recorder. Contact details for your County Recorder can be found here.
Your County Recorder may be able to help you with some of the more tricky identifications but please bear in mind that they are all volunteers and may be extremely busy. There are many moth related sites on social media where you can ask for help and use of #TeamMoth on Twitter will draw the attention of more experienced recorders to your posts.

Head to our How to start mothing and Moth resources and downloads pages for more info.

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