Scotland’s lowland bogs are vital habitat for butterflies and moths, but sadly many are in poor condition due to historic drainage for agriculture and forestry. These damaged blogs are drying out, leaking their vast deposits of carbon into the atmosphere, contributing to climate change. Wildlife is suffering too, as species which are highly adapted to living in tough, boggy conditions, such as the Large Heath butterfly, are forced out by declining habitat quality.

Our Bog Squad project is working with volunteers to restore lowland bogs in Scotland to benefit wildlife, butterflies and the environment.

We are working to restore lowland bogs by carrying out actions to help re-wet them, so that natural flora and fauna can thrive, and peat formation can take place again in the future. Our volunteers help to keep bogs wet by blocking ditches and removing water-sapping invasive scrub.

Our volunteers will also be carrying out a nationwide survey of the Large Heath butterfly on lowland bogs to help us understand more how we can help this species.

The work to restore Scotland’s peatlands is vital, which is why we are asking our supporters to help us raise £10,000 through the Big Give’s Green Match Fund. Every donation you make will be matched – which means if you donate £10 our Bog Squad project will receive £20.

The Big Give Green Match Fund runs for just one week, from 22nd to 29th April, so please donate today!

Donations can be made here: