Write a letter to share what you think a future for butterflies and moths should look like.

Writing to your MP or other local representatives is a direct and personal way for them to hear about your concerns and take steps to make changes at a government level.

You can find out who your MP and parliamentary candidates are, along with their contact details by searching your postcode on this website.

How do I get started?

We’ve created a template letter that you can use to help get you started, below. You can add your own story about why you care, and how the issues affect you and your community.

You can also contact your MP and other prospective parliamentary candidates by telephone, on social media or you can request to attend an ‘MP surgery’.

Remember to
  • Write in clear and accessible English.
  • Add your own personal stories and feelings.
  • Keep it short and simple – party political representatives receive lots of letters!

Use our template below to help!


Dear [Name of your MP or parliamentary candidate],

I am writing to you as a constituent of [your constituency] because I am concerned about the biodiversity crisis in my community and across the UK.

I’ve already seen the impacts of this crisis in our local area, [insert some changes you have seen]

As you look ahead to the next 5 years of government, we must take science-led action using up-to-date information, to ensure a wilder, healthier future where pollinators such as butterflies and moths can thrive and be enjoyed by everyone, everywhere.

For this to happen, you must:

  • Double the budget for species recovery.
  • Take action for our landscapes by improving the most important places for butterflies and moths through landscape-scale action.
  • Recognise the wellbeing benefits of nature, and ensure everyone has a wild space within 15 minutes’ walk.
  • Ban pollinator-killing pesticides for immediately, with no exception.
  • Recognise light pollution, a huge threat to moths, as an environmental pollutant and set legally binding targets for its reduction. 

On June 22nd thousands of people from all around the country will take to the streets of London asking government to Restore Nature Now, and just a few weeks later even more will be voting with healthier, greener futures as priority.

You have the opportunity to be part of the movement for a future filled with colour and life in well-protected landscapes. It’s time to act.

I look forward to hearing what actions you will be taking to make sure these positive changes happen

[Your name]
[Your contact details, including your address]

To find out more about the actions we're asking the next Government to take for nature, visit A Manifesto for Butterflies, Moths and our Environment | Butterfly Conservation (butterfly-conservation.org)