Over the course of 2019, Butterfly Conservation (BC) are taking part in an initiative to help make the UK a more wildlife-friendly place.

 The Year of Green Action(YOGA)  is part of the Government’s 25 year environment plan and is attempting to connect people all around the UK with nature. The YOGA will show how we can take positive actions to improve our environment by taking part in projects in our own gardens, schools or workplaces, and as consumers through our shopping choices.

Why a Year of Green Action
The 25 Year Environment Plan has strong backing from government but action from us all will be needed to improve the environment over the next 25 years and the #YearofGreenAction provides an opportunity for people from all walks of life to either take part in projects with organisations or create their own to make a positive difference for the future.

  • It is important to remember that the choices we make in our day to day lives affect the world around us but by picking the right ones can help us leave a healthier planet for the next generation.

Research has indicated that spending time in nature watching wildlife, taking a walk or even doing some gardening can have positive benefits for mental health and wellbeing; so do good for nature and reap the rewards for yourself.

Butterfly Conservation (BC) will be celebrating the YOGA by posting monthly blogs and social media content while working with the Wildlife and Countryside Link to generate inspiring ways for our supporters to engage with wildlife. BC will also be connecting with young conservationists to promote the #iwill4nature hashtag which  encourages 10-20 year-olds to interact with nature and take green action.

How you can take part
There are countless ways to help wildlife and the natural world and with BC's long-term monitoring showing that butterflies and moths are in real trouble, your help is needed more than ever.

  • Put the 'wild' back into wildlife gardening and start planting with butterflies and moths in mind. Not only is this one of the most rewarding things you can do in your own backyard but you'll be helping an array of other animals who rely on our gardens for food and shelter. Visit our Gardening page for helpful hints and tips throughout the year.
  • Take some time out, relax and slow down to appreciate the beauty of the natural world by visiting one of our 30 reserves or other local green space.
  • Volunteer with us - There are a wide range of exciting opportunities for people who would like to get involved, whatever your age or experience.
  • Take part in Branch activities and work parties for a chance to get up close with nature while carrying out some hands-on conservation work with like-minded people
  • Help us build up a picture of the health of the UK's butterfly and moth populations by taking part in our citizen science projects. Our Big Butterfly Count, the biggest survey of its kind in the world, saw over 100,000 of you taking part in 2018 to submit 97,133 counts of butterflies and day-flying moths from across the UK.
  • For more ways to take part, visit the Year of Green Action website

Join in and spread the word on social media by using #YearofGreenAction to see how others have taken part.

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