Bowara (near Enniskillen)


  • Rose Cremin

54.353802502489, -7.7094033096636

Butterfly Conservation along with Branch members have been managing this small glen-side meadow site at Bowara near Enniskillen for a decade. It’s home to some of NI’s priority butterflies and moths including Dingy Skipper, Cryptic Wood White and Narrow-bordered Bee Hawkmoth.

We return to this species-rich grassland site each winter to manage scrub and saplings that threaten the rich habitat. Using hand-tools, we manage saplings of willow and birch and occasionally scythe sections as well to remove thatch build-up as grazing is not possible.

To find out more about joining a volunteer winter work party, please contact our Senior Conservation Officer in NI, Rose Cremin at @email


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