Find out how we make a difference for butterflies and moths.

Marbled White - Iain H Leach


In the last five years, Butterfly Conservation has embarked on some of the biggest butterfly projects to date. Find out more about our work. 

Small Elephant Hawk-moth - James O'Neill


Butterfly Conservation currently has over 30 Nature Reserves all over the United Kingdom - all havens for butterflies and moths.

Adonis Blue - Iain H Leach


The data gathered in our world-renowned schemes  is used by the Government to indicate the health of the environment. 

Brimstone - Matt Berry

Our successes

We have grown to become probably the largest insect conservation organisations in the world. 

Garden Tiger - Iain H Leach

How we use your donations

Every penny and pound you donate to us helps towards our conservation work, but what exactly do we do with it?

Peacock Butterfly small box  - Neil Hulme

Habitat management

Whether it's an urban carpark or peaceful woodlands, many habitats can be improved to attract butterflies and moths.