Moths on hand

Big City Butterflies will inspire Londoners to discover butterflies and moths, and in doing so will connect them with nature and their local green spaces. The people we reach will have opportunities to learn about butterflies and moths, how to seek them out, to enjoy them and to help them thrive in their neighbourhoods.

We have received initial funding from the National Lottery Heritage Fund and will be submitting a full application early in 2020 for a four year project, delivered across London’s inner boroughs.

The project presents a huge opportunity to test new approaches to butterfly & moth conservation in a major urban landscape. People – their needs, interests and behaviours are as important to this project as the ‘traditional’ conservation practices of habitat management, survey and monitoring.

How will our project work?

Our project has three main strands:

  • Improving habitats to enhance and connect London’s green spaces to better support butterflies and moths
  • Encouraging and enabling people to contribute to our knowledge of London’s butterflies and moths by taking part in one of our varied schemes for identifying and recording the species they see in their local greenspaces
  • Sharing our knowledge and passion for these beautiful insects with a wide audience by creating varied opportunities for local communities to connect with our project.

In this development phase, we are working to identify ‘flagship’ sites (public access parks, commons, heaths) in London’s inner boroughs which will form a focus for our activities. We are talking to the owners and managers of these green spaces to see how best the project can support them and how we can work together. We are making contacts with groups within the surrounding communities, including schools, ‘Friends of’ groups and other groups of volunteers.

The project will draw on the local knowledge and expertise of four Butterfly Conservation Branches, Surrey & SW London, Kent & SE London, Herts & Middlesex and Cambridge & Essex. Together we will work to celebrate London’s butterflies and moths and involve local communities to improve their prospects in the capital.


We are very grateful to players of the National Lottery and to the National Lottery Heritage Fund for supporting this development phase of Big Bity Butterflies.


For more information please download the document below, or contact

 May Webber (Project Development Officer) @email
Twitter: @mwebberbutterf1