The Northern Ireland Environment Agency (formerly the Environment Heritage Service) has funded Butterfly Conservation to help conserve Northern Ireland's butterflies and moths since 2002.

It is vital that action is taken to help the most threatened of our butterflies and moths to halt, then reverse declines. We know that lots of our butterflies and moths are in dramatic decline and wildlife habitats continue to deteriorate.

Climate change and pollution also pose considerable challenges for all species. 

Our current project started in April 2008, and provides management advice for landowners in key areas for endangered butterfly and moth species.

The project is also supporting the recording and monitoring of Northern Ireland’s butterflies and moths.

Effort is being concentrated on conservation measures for four butterflies: Marsh Fritillary, Dingy Skipper, Small Blue and Wall 

We are also be focusing on nine moths: Argent & Sable, Small Eggar, Pale Eggar, Sword Grass, Irish Plume Moth, Narrow-bordered Bee Hawk-moth, Beaded Chestnut Feathered Gothic and Pyrausta sanguinalis, the Scarce Crimson and Gold.

From the 2007 review of the UK Biodiversity Action Plan, 8 butterflies and 65 moths identified as Priority Species occur in Northern Ireland. With the exception of the Irish Plume Moth, all of the above are on that list.

If you are interested in finding out more about our conservation work for these threatened species, please contact our Senior Conservation Officer at:
Rose Cremin
E: @email
M: 078-81583932

The project is generously supported by the Northern Ireland Environment Agency