Scotland's rugged landscape presents a distinctive set of challenges to our team at Butterfly Conservation Scotland.

Marsh-Fritillary - Iain H Leach

We still have large populations of species such as the Pearl-bordered and Marsh Fritillaries, which are severely threatened by habitat loss elsewhere in the UK. There are also several species found only in Scotland within the UK, such as Kentish Glory, Rannoch Sprawler and Slender Scotch Burnet.

Scotland's upland and northern species such as Large Heath, Mountain Ringlet, Mountain Burnet and Northern Dart could be under threat from climate warming and could prove to be useful indicators of climate change.

Urban areas and brownfield sites also have value for declining UK species such as Dingy Skipper, Small Blue and Grayling.

One of the challenges we face is that there are relatively few people on the ground identifying important colonies and monitoring trends. 

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