Forester - Iain Leach

Species Champion projects run in each of the four countries of the UK to match elected representatives with individual species. The initiatives bring political support to the protection and promotion of threatened wildlife.




The Scottish project is run by Scottish Environment Link. There are more than 100 Members of the Scottish Parliament (MSPs) involved and Butterfly Conservation has eleven Species Champions:

- Clare Adamson – Small Pearl Bordered Fritillary

- Claudia Beamish – Forester Moth

- Aileen Campbell – Large Heath

- Kate Forbes – Chequered Skipper

- Ross Greer – Small Blue

- Richard Lyle – Common Blue

- Rona Mackay – Garden Tiger

- Jenny Marra – Northern Brown Argus

- John Scott – Grayling

- Elaine Smith – Small Copper

- Liz Smith – Slender Scotch Burnet



The Welsh project is run by Wales Environment Link. There are almost 40 Members of the Welsh Senedd involved and Butterfly Conservation has four  Species Champions:

- Russell George MS – Pearl-bordered Fritillary

- Mike Hedges MS – Small Blue

- Jane Hutt MS – High Brown Fritillary

- Mabon ap Gwynfor MS - Welsh Clearwing moth


Northern Ireland

This project is currently on hold as the Northern Ireland Assembly is in a period of suspension.