Action for Butterflies and Moths

Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary

The core focus is on saving the most threatened species, discovering more about those we know least about and recording how species are faring as indicators of environmental health. Butterfly Conservation Wales works with many partners to manage key sites for butterflies and moths.

Recording of butterflies and moths is co-ordinated by county recorders and helps produce a picture of changes in species distributions. Programmes, like the UK Butterfly Monitoring Scheme, help us assess the changes in abundance over time and to produce a Butterfly Index for Wales.


Butterfly Conservation projects in Wales

Butterfly Conservation is involved in many projects in Wales, either as the lead partner or providing advice and help to others. For instance work to save the remaining ten Pearl-bordered Fritillary sites in Wales is shared with Montgomeryshire Wildlife Trust, National Trust and Natural Resources Wales. Below are featured three of our projects that demonstrate the range of our work.