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We need accurate data to save butterflies and moths. Thousands of people send butterfly and moth observations to us or local data managers, every year. These records are checked (verified) by volunteer County Recorders, or their assistants, and collated into local county datasets.

Some County Recorders represent local nature organisations, others are recruited by and represent Butterfly Conservation. All County Recorders support Butterfly Conservation directly, by checking records submitted to our surveys and by sharing copies of the local dataset they manage with us. We bring together these datasets to create the UK evidence base.

If you send a butterfly or moth sighting to one of Butterfly Conservation’s online surveys, your records will be shared with the local County Recorder for your area.

If you collect lots of records you could send them directly to your local County Recorder. County Recorders are also available to answer local recording questions, and many run events on behalf of Butterfly Conservation or their local nature organisation.

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