Comma by Andrew Cooper

The urban environment is becoming increasingly important for butterflies and moths as habitats in the countryside have been lost or become unsuitable. 

The downloadable factsheets give advice on managing the different types of habitats found in towns and cities and even show how you can help at home with tips on how to create a wildlife haven in your garden.


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  • Butterflies in towns and citiesThis leaflet describes the main habitat requirements of thirty butterfly species associated with urban habitats and gives advice on managing habitats in towns and cities.
  • Brownfields for Butterflies: The importance of brownfield sites (as well as post-industrial sites, e.g. quarries, railways, gravel pits) for butterflies and moths.
  • Bare Ground for Butterflies and Moths. Why important, habitat management and habitat creation.  Printed copies available from Wales Office. Also available in Welsh Daear Noeth.