This reserve is on an ancient woodland site, on poorly-drained clays. Jointly owned by Butterfly Conservation and Worcestershire Wildlife Trust



Interesting plants include small-leaved lime, wild service tree, lily-of-the-valley, spurge laurel, and broad-leaved and violet helleborine. There are also several ponds with great crested newts.

Formerly managed for coppice wood, timber and wood pasture from at least the 14th century, much of the wood is now even-aged high forest, resulting from large-scale clearances in the 1950s followed by planting of mixed broad-leaved trees by L.G.Harris and Co.Ltd., for paint-brush handles and other products.

Coppicing is undertaken in various parts, rides have been widened and glades created, particularly at junctions. This led to intial increases in rare species like the Wood White. Further measures are now needed to sustain their numbers.

Size: 61.4 hectares (152 acres)


Grid Reference: SO 804 607 O.S. Map: 150

Reserve entrance and car park at SO 804 607 about a mile from the New Inn Public House at Sinton Green, approximately five miles north-west of Worcester.

Public transport

Unfortunately public transport to this reserve is very poor.

Site access and safety

Large parties by arrangement with warden in advance.

Most ticks are little more than an irritation, but a few can transmit Lyme disease, a rare and potentially serious illness which is treatable with antibiotics if diagnosed early. It is therefore important to be informed and take some simple precautions


Philip Adams