This coppiced woodland is owned by the Forestry Commission (FC) and is part of the extensive and historically important Bardney Limewoods.

The Lincolnshire Branch manages a section of Southrey Wood. Parts of these woods have regenerated naturally with typical ancient woodland flora, despite being modified by clearfelling and plantations in the mid 20th century

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Most of Southrey Wood is a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI).

The Southrey Wood coppice project is managed by the Lincolnshire Branch under a long-term management agreement with the advice and assistance of the Forestry Commission.

The reserve is a well-managed coppice of Small-leaved Lime, Hazel, Ash and Oak.

The ground flora includes Lily-of-the-valley, Early Purple Orchid, Devil’s-bit Scabious and Yellow Archangel. The wood has an interesting fauna that includes grass-snake, Nightingale and Woodcock.

Area: 9 hectares (22 acres)


Southrey Wood lies between Bardney and Southrey, on the B1190. There are entrances to it at TF 134 685 and TF 133 680. The reserve occupies the north-west corner of the wood, and its entrance is at TF 129 682.

Grid Reference: TF 127 682 Ordnance Survey map: 121

Public transport

Buses between Lincoln and Horncastle can travel via Bardney.

Site access and safety

The reserve is part of the Forestry Commission (FC) estate and has dedicated Open Access (OA). This may be enjoyed subject to OA rules and FC byelaws. Temporary closures might be necessary during forestry operations.

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