These factsheets are full of information on the ecology and how to conserve the habitats of some of the UK's most endangered butterflies. The species factsheets are available as PDF downloads by clicking on the relevant species names below. 


The Skippers (Hesperiidae)

Dingy Skipper (Erynnis tages)

Grizzled Skipper (Pyrgus malvae)


The Whites (Pieridae)

Wood White (Leptidea sinapis)


The Hairstreaks and Blues (Lycaenidae)

Black Hairstreak (Satyrium pruni) 

Brown Hairstreak (Thecla betulae)

White-letter Hairstreak (Satyrium w-album)

Small Blue (Cupido minimus)

Silver-studded Blue (Pebejus argus)

Northern Brown Argus (Aricia artaxerces)

Adonis Blue (Polyommatus bellargus)

Large Blue (Maculinea arion)


Nymphalids and Fritillaries (Nymphalidae)

Duke of Burgundy (Hamearis lucina)

White Admiral (Limenitis camilla)

Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary (Boloria selene)

Pearl-bordered Fritillary (Boloria euphrosyne)

High Brown Fritillary (Argynnis adippe)

Dark Green Fritillary (Argynnis aglaja)

Silver-washed Fritillary (Argynnis paphia)

Marsh Fritillary (Euphydras aurinia)

Heath Fritillary (Melitaea athalia)


The Browns (Nymphalidae)

Grayling (Hipparchia semele)

Large Heath (Coenonympha tullia)


More information on other butterfly species can be found on our  A-Z of Butterflies page


Regional Butterfly Factsheets

Regional butterfly factsheets have been produced to help provide additional species information (e.g. key sites) and tailor the management advice to certain regions.

Conserving Dingy Skipper in Eastern England

Conserving Dingy Skipper in the East Midlands

Conserving Dingy Skipper in North-east England

Grizzled Skipper in Eastern England

Marsh Fritillary in Scotland

Silver-Studded Blues in Eastern England

Fritillary Butterflies of Dartmoor


Factsheets have been funded by Natural England and the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs as a resource for land managers and advisors, especially when discussing grants available under Environmental Stewardship Schemes.