Butterfly Conservation's Media Office provides national and regional comment for butterfly, moth and conservation-related issues. We supply images and video of UK species via our comprehensive picture library.

General media enquires 

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Phone: 01929 406005

For out of hours press enquiries call 07808 644295

Liam Creedon

Head of Media. Editor, Butterfly Magazine

T: 01929 406005

M: 07808 644295

E: @email

Kerry Staddon

Senior Digital Media Officer 

T: 01929 406026

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Natalie Ngo

Media Officer. Assistant Editor, Butterfly Magazine 

T: 01929 406010

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Katie Callaghan

Senior Media Officer

T: 01929 406037

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Andrew Cooper

Digital Media Assistant

E: acooper@butterfly-conservation.org

Butterfly Magazine

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