This precious habitat is under threat, and we need to act now to protect it.


Peatlands are an incredibly important natural ally in the fight against climate change; they store huge amounts of carbon dioxide. Moreover, they are rich havens for wildlife and some of Scotland’s most threatened butterflies and moths.

Take action now to restore precious peatland, for wildlife and for people.
Wester Moss - David Hill

Wester Moss, located in the carse of Stirling, a lowland raised bog habitat is a haven for the Large Heath butterfly.

Your support today will help save habitats, like Wester Moss, for some of Scotland’s most threatened butterflies and moths, like the Large Heath.

Large Heath (ssp davus) - Tim Melling

Over 90% of lowland bogs across the UK have already been damaged.

Make a difference by donating today.

Bog Rosemary - Tim Melling

With your help we will:

  • Re-wet bogs so that natural flora and fauna can thrive and peat formation can take place again in the future.

  • Work with landowners to show how precious peatland is and why it must be protected.

  • Recruit and train volunteers to clear scrub, block ditches and monitor butterfly and moth numbers.

Thank you to the Scottish Natural Heritage-led Peatland Action project for their ongoing support of this work.

Make a bigger impact with a smaller monthly gift


We are grateful for every gift. You can make even more of a difference with a smaller amount every month, supporting long-term and helping more species to stay protected.

If we raise more funding than required for these projects, we will use your gift to support other conservation work and activities.