The Duke Of Burgundy butterfly is endangered


The Duke of Burgundy is the Goldilocks of the butterfly world because, just like Goldilocks, the Duke has very specific requirements.
Changes in farming and forestry have severely reduced suitable habitat for the species, leading to a dramatic fall in the number of Duke of Burgundy butterflies in the UK.



Duke of Burgundy by Andrew Cooper

84% Down

Duke of Burgundy butterflies remain on just 16% of sites where they could be found in 1976.

Duke of Burgundy - Iain H Leach

40% Down

Duke of Burgundy butterfly numbers have declined by 40% since 1979.

Duke of Burgundy by Peter Eeles

10% Up

Things are looking up in some areas, with a 10% increase in numbers in the last 10 years following our targeted conservation work.

We know how to save this butterfly

Since 2003, Butterfly Conservation has led 22 projects targeted at saving the Duke of Burgundy. We are delighted to report that in Kent, Sussex and the North York Moors the Duke has returned to former sites and moved into newly restored habitat. But the species still has a long way to go to reach healthy population levels and it remains at risk in several parts of its range. 


Can you help?

Your donation will support conservation work, creating new areas of habitat and connecting suitable sites, allowing the Duke to spread its wings in Gloucestershire, Cumbria, Wiltshire and beyond.