Moths play a key role as pollinators of plants, important parts of the food chain and as a sign that our environment is struggling.


Some of the UK’s rarest moths are clinging to survival amongst South West England’s ancient woodlands, wild heathland and wave-lapped coastline.

The reasons for the dramatic decline our moths are suffering are complex and vary from species to species. Loss of habitat, climate change and pesticide use are all major causes. The decrease in moth numbers is a warning to us that all is not well with our environment.

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Lime Hawk-moth (brown form) by nutmeg66

Many people see moths as the dull relatives of butterflies or worse, as pests. But these views couldn’t be further from the truth.

Moths have an essential role to play within our world and it is vital that we protect them.

Moth numbers are in decline across the UK, dropping by 28% since 1968. In the South the situation is worse, with numbers down by 40%.

Garden Tiger - Iain Leach

Here in the South West, we simply do not know enough about the rare moths that share our countryside.

We need to understand how they are faring, and what needs to be done to protect them to make sure they can thrive here.

Whatever the causes, the decrease in moth numbers is a warning to us that all is not well with our environment.


Barberry Carpet - James Lowen
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