Nature is in crisis. Changes to land use, along with climate change, are the key factors driving the decline of 76% of our butterflies and moths. We urgently need your help to encourage more people to manage land in a way that ensures our threatened butterflies and moths have the space and plants they need to thrive.

Until now, our resources have limited the amount of advice we are able to give. Our new Land Use Hub will be an online portal that will provide vital advice that is critical to the survival of our threatened butterflies and moths. It's time to act now. Please help us expand our advice service to provide guidance to more people more effectively by donating today.

Our advice has already made huge differences to butterflies like the Marsh Fritillary. Help us to help more people give threatened butterflies and moths a future by donating today.

Why is a Land Use Hub essential?


Butterflies and moths are lagging behind the rapidly changing climate, and without new research funded by your donations they will suffer even more greatly in the face of the climate emergency.

With a central portal and confident volunteers working together, advice sharing will be exponentially quicker and easier. It will truly spread our wings, reach more people and help them play their part in saving threatened butterflies and moths and our environment.

We must act now if we are to make a real difference to the survival of the UKs beautiful butterflies and moths.

We urgently need your support to help save butterflies, moths and environment through sharing our expert advice. Please donate using the buttons below.

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