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AdmiralThe Cheshire and Wirral Branch was established in 1985 with the aims of promoting the conservation of butterflies and moths, together with their habitats in Cheshire, Wirral, South Manchester and part of the Peak District.

It promotes its activities at local shows and conservation fairs, carries out research and recording work, arranges talks and presentations to interested bodies and is actively involved in supporting the work of other conservation groups.

If you live in the region and are a member of Butterfly Conservation you automatically become a member of the Cheshire and Wirral Branch.


March of the micros

An increasing number of new moth species are arriving and settling in the UK as a result of the global reach of the horticultural trade and the changing climate, moth experts today revealed.

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2018 Photographic Competition

Have you taken a particularly impressive photo of a butterfly or moth this season?

If so then why not enter our 2018 photographic competition for a chance to win a prize!

Key Sites & Species

RingletThere are many sites across the Cheshire and Wirral Branch area where you can find beautiful butterflies.

We have gathered some information on the key sites to visit, the butterflies you can find there and best time of year to see them!


ChildrenThe Cheshire & Wirral branch has been working closely with local schools for several years.

Find out what kind of projects we have been involved in and if you think your school could benefit from working with us.


There are no events scheduled for the requested area. Field events are mostly held during the summer months and are arranged in the early spring.