How do we make a difference for butterflies and moths?

  • Our successes

    Small Butterfly 4We have grown to become probably the largest insect conservation organisations in the world.

  • How we spend your money

    Small Butterfly 3Every penny and pound you donate to us helps towards our conservation work, but what exactly do we do with it?

  • Recording

    Red Admiral Small The data gathered in our world-renowned schemes is used by the Government to indicate the health of the environment. 

  • Reserves

    MeadowButterfly Conservation currently has over 30 Nature Reserves all over the United Kingdom - all havens for butterflies and moths.

  • conservation

    GrasslandIn the last five years Butterfly Conservation has embarked on some of the biggest butterfly projects to date.

  • Habitat advice

    GardenWhether it's an urban carpark or peaceful woodlands, many habitats can be improved to attract Butterflies and Moths.