80% of butterflies have declined since the 1970s and we have lost up to 44% of moths in the UK. Butterflies and moths are fundamental to a thriving ecosystem. They are important pollinators, a critical part of the food web, and indicate the wider health of the environment.

Right now, butterflies and moths are sending an SOS.

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Butterfly Conservation holds the key to the survival of butterflies, moths and the wider environment using proven, scientifically driven conservation action.

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Conservation efforts

Helping us to expand our on-the-ground conservation efforts

With your support, we can do more of our successful conservation projects like our Chequered Skipper reintroduction programme that bought the beautiful Chequered Skipper back to England after dying out in 1976.

Dark Green Fritillary (Mark Searle)

Continuing to fund expert research

Your donations can help fund vital new research into areas like how to best mitigate the effects of climate change on threatened species.

Advice services

Helping us to reach more people with our advice services

Land management is a key factor in the decline of butterflies but your donations can help us reach more landowners with our expert advice on how to manage their land to benefit butterflies and moths.

Inspiring the next generation

Inspiring the next generation of butterfly and moth enthusiasts

Your donations can help us to inspire children and young people to ensure someone cares about butterflies and moths in the future.

Together we can stop butterflies and moths disappearing

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