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Twyford Wood Blog 2020

20th June 2020: Cloudy, slight wind but sunny intervals.
Butterflies on the wing included Meadow Brown, Ringlet, Large & Small Skipper, Speckled Wood, Red Admiral, Small Tortoiseshell and Marbled White.

Marbled White at Twyford (John Davison) 200620
Marbled White (John Davison) 200620

Other Fauna.......

Six-spot Burnet at Twyford (John Davison) 200620
Six-spot Burnet (John Davison) 200620

Martin Kew also there........
Walked over to the Glades and although dull weather, saw this years first Marbled Whites. Lots of Large Skippers buzzing around too.

Marbled White at Twyford (Martin Kew) 200620
Marbled White (Martin Kew) 200620
Large Skipper at Twyford (Martin Kew) 200620
Large Skipper (Martin Kew) 200620

18th June: Martin Kew Update......................

I was fortunately able to visit the woods during my lockdown exercise outings and saw my first Grizzled Skipper at the Glades on 23rd April.  By the 26th April both Grizzled and Dingy were appearing on both reserves.

Grizzled Skipper at Twyford (Martin Kew) 190520
Grizzled Skipper (Martin Kew) 190520

I did the first Transect recording on 17th May by which time the Skippers had been joined by Common Blue, Small Heath and Green Hairstreak. Numbers recorded were:

Sanctuary - GS 20, DS 18, SH 5, CB 9 and GHS 1.

Glades - GS 13, DS 17, SH 13 and CB 16.

Green Hairstreak at Twyford (Martin Kew) 250520
Green Hairstreak (Martin Kew) 250520

On my most recent Transect walk on the 15th June I recorded the following across both reserves: MB 11, LS 9, SH 8, CB 5, GHS 1, SpW 2, ST 1 and R 2.

May 2020

Grizzled Skipper at Twyford (Alan Armstrong) May 2020 (1)
Grizzled Skipper (Alan Armstrong) May 2020 (1)
Grizzled Skipper at Twyford (Alan Armstrong) May 2020 (2)
Grizzled Skipper (Alan Armstrong) May 2020 (2)
Common Blues at Twyford (Alan Armstrong) May 2020
Common Blues (Alan Armstrong) May 2020

20th May: A lovely sunny day with quite a few Skippers on the wing.

Grizzled Skipper at Twyford (John Davison) 200520
Grizzled Skipper (John Davison) 200520
Dingy Skipper at Twyford (John Davison) 200520
Dingy Skipper (John Davison) 200520

Other Fauna........

Beetle Oedemera nobilis at Twyford (John Davison) 200520
Beetle Oedemera nobilis (John Davison) 200520