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Wild Spaces

Since 1945 the UK has lost 98% of its meadows. This habitat loss along with climate change means that our butterflies and moths are in severe decline.

But... it doesn’t have to be this way. We are embarking on a campaign to transform the UK into a butterfly and moth-friendly haven and we need you to help.

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What are Wild Spaces?

A Wild Space is one where butterflies and moths can complete their lifecycles. The area needs to enable them to feed, breed and shelter. There is no defined size, so long as the requirements are met - it is a Wild Space.

A Wild Space should be free from pesticides. Where compost is used in a Wild Space, it should be peat free. Wild Spaces should be permanent - our goal is about making lasting change.

Some example locations where Wild Spaces can be classified are as follows. This is not a comprehensive list, but just enough to get you thinking about where you can create a Wild Space!

A plant pot containing Asters and a Wall butterfly nectaring on them

Patio / Balcony Pots

Don’t underestimate them! A few choice plants in a pot, tub or window box can provide the perfect place to refuel and take refuge in built-up areas. See our advice on urban gardening.

Shared Garden


Transform a garden (private, shared, community etc.) into a wild space for butterflies and moths thrive and for all the enjoy.


Community Woodland

Woodlands support a range of specialist species like the White Admiral and Green Silver-lines moth. Learn about managing woodland habitats.

School Grounds

School Grounds

Wild Spaces can be an excellent outdoor classroom used to inspire the next generation of conservationists and nature-lovers.

Village Green

Village Greens

It doesn’t take a village to create a haven for wildlife, but it certainly helps! Brighten up your village green with pollinator-friendly plants.

Grass Verges

Street / Verges

Like us, butterflies and moths need to travel too. Roadside verges and streets can make fantastic wildlife corridors as well as refuge areas.


Allotment Plots

Leave some space between the pumpkins and carrots for butterflies and moths. Be kind to the environment by going pesticide and peat free.

Red Admiral butterfly by Gary Margetts

A Unique Wild Space

Create a Wild Space in your own style, size and location to suit what you have available. Small or large, it all helps!