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How will my support make a difference? 

Wood White

Creation of habitat stepping stones, training volunteers and working with local landowners to save the last population of the Wood White butterfly in South East England


Development of the next generation of volunteers in Scotland who will help create wildflower meadows to save butterflies for future generations.

Brown Hairstreak (female/upperwing) - Iain Leach

Work with landowners and volunteers to create a safer future for two of our most threatened butterflies, the Large Blue and Brown Hairstreak, in the Polden Hills.

How is my gift worth more? 

Here’s how:

1.  Our Conservation Strategy identifies key species and landscapes that require priority action;

2.  A project is developed to take relevant action using our extensive knowledge, research and science;


3.  We identify a key funder and submit an application to secure the bulk of the project costs – funders will usually only provide a percentage of the project total – for example the National Lottery Heritage Fund will fund on average 68% of the total cost;


4.  You are key to funding the remaining 32% (via appeals like this) to enable the project to go ahead – therefore a donation of £32 could be worth £100 because of the grant funding it unlocks.

If we raise more funding than required for these projects, we will use your gift to support conservation delivery in priority landscapes for priority species.