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Butterflies and moths are in decline across the UK. Make a difference for the species on your doorstep.

Donate to help threatened species like the Brown Hairstreak, Silver-studded Blue and Marsh Carpet moth.
Brown Hairstreak (female/upperwing) - Iain Leach

The ancient woodlands of Chambers Farm Wood, Lincolnshire, are the only place where the Brown Hairstreak can be found in the East Midlands. 

To give this vulnerable butterfly a safer future in the region, we need to help it spread into other areas.

Silver-studded Blue - Stephanie Leese

The Silver-studded Blue needs help to build its population and secure a safer future. 

Take action to protect the fantastic species in the east of England. 

As long as the Silver-studded Blue remains in small, isolated colonies it is vulnerable to threats like habitat loss and climate change.

We need to restore and improve habitat in Norfolk and Suffolk, enabling the butterfly to travel between existing sites and spread into new areas. 

Marsh Carpet moth
How your donation helps
  • Your donation will create stepping-stones of suitable habitat across Lincolnshire so enable the Brown Hairstreak butterfly to expand its range.

  • In Norfolk and Suffolk, where the Silver-studded Blue needs to strengthen its population, you can help link up sites where the butterfly is struggling.

  • With your support we can also protect the rare Marsh Carpet moth across the region.

Thank you to the Lincolnshire, East Midlands, Norfolk and Suffolk Branches of Butterfly Conservation and the Forestry Commission, who have helped protect vulnerable butterflies and moths in the Eastern side of England.

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